Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Xperia Z battery backup

Miracle - Battery backup of my Samsung Galaxy Ace Plus has been increased after disabling/removing some unwanted applications including FB. and that of Sony Xperia has been decreased. Busy in fine tuning Xperia. :-) :-P

Able to get some battery life as of today. Actions done so far.

Disabled and enabled Automatic Account sync.
Upgraded Google Play services to version 5
Disabled custom launchers and switched back to native xperia Launcher
Turned off News application sync
Removed 4-5 unwanted applications 
Ran Clean master a few times
Removed Viber
Removed corrupted files from internal and external cards.
Kept the USB mode to MTP

# Hari I

Sunday, January 19, 2014

GIMP image conversion from Nikon NEF in Windows and Ubuntu

GIMP - Batch RAW conversion in Windows.... Installed GIMP 2.8, ufraw 0.18 and here we go....


E:\Personal\Photos\Unix_Outing_17022013>"E:\Programs\GIMP 2\bin\ufraw-batch.exe"
--out-type=jpg --compression=95 *.NEF

Linux - Ubuntu
$ sudo apt-get install gimp
$ sudo apt-get install ufraw
$ sudo apt-get install gimp-ufraw

ufraw-batch --out-type=jpeg  --compression=85 *.NEF


ufraw-batch --lensfun=none --out-type=jpeg  --compression=85 *.NEF