Wednesday, December 10, 2008

screen for Remote assistance and chat

screen is a UNIX utility for giving remote assistance/administration. Suppose an unskilled colleague of your own is struggling with a server at some remote location with no idea of troubleshooting a problem.
If you are able to solve that with keeping your colleague to watch how you are sorting out the issues you can use screen.

First of all ask your colleague for the username which he used to login into that remote machine. Now you can login to that remote machine as the same user. Imagine username is engineer and IP of the remote machine is Try the below
# ssh engineer@
Then after getting logged in run the screen command to set a session named myscreen
$ screen -S myscreen
Now tell your colleague to type the below for attaching his screen to your screen.
$ screen -x myscreen
Thats it. Now he can watch whatever you type and vice versa.

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