Saturday, November 3, 2007

How to Create Custom Hot key to Launch Applications in GNOME

1. Open Applications -> System -> Configuration Editor from the GUI


Open a terminal, type gconf-editor

2. Go to "apps" -> "metacity" -> "keybinding_commands"
3. Double-click on an unused element e.g. "command_10"
4. Type in the name of the application you want to launch, for e.g. "firefox" or
5. Then go to "apps" -> "metacity" -> "global_keybindings"
6. Double-click on the command name that we have edited in "keybinding_commands" Section.
Here for me it is "run_command_10"
7. Then enter the Keyboard shortcut you would like to launch the application
I entered
here (without the quotes) for gnome-terminal.

Thats all

Go to Desktop and type Alt+t a GNOME terminal should open. It will depend on the active Windows also since some other applications may be having the same HotKey.


Emil said...

Awesome! Great piece of advice here that makes using Gnome a whole bit more effective!

Anonymous said...